Coming in 1962 from Nizza in the French Riviera, les Milords, whose name came from a popular song of the much loved songtress Edith Piaf, were Chanave (13 years old), rhythm guitar, Pierre Malaussena (17), bass , Franck Misiraca( 17) drums and the bandleader Jean Pierre Massiéra, (20 years) lead guitar. They used to play on saturday and sunday in music club the crazy horse or at Casino Massena in Nizza. During the summer they went to play in juan less pins, where all the best rock bands playing in France, used to gather and play in a contest, the international rock grand prix.

In 1964 they went on to Paris and played at Golf Drouot where they won the usual weekly contest. The price was offered by the Coty perfume under the form of a Frf 500 cheque !

But more important was that in the audience, an A & R man, representing the Vogue label offered them a try in the Vogue’s recording studios. The try was conclusive and they got a recording contract. Jean Pierre convinced their A & R man to let him play the classical Rimsky Korsakov tune le vol du bourdon, just to prove how fast and gifted he was. As they were very good and experienced musicians, they were high in demand for the usual summer tours. They made in 1964 the Golf Drouot Tour with a bunch of young talents, under Henry Leproux (Golf Drouot manager) management.

In the 1964 fall they went to another record company, the famous Pathe. For contractual reasons they were obliged to change their name into Les Monégasques, their A & R man is the successful Ken Lean, known as an art French Joe Meek, he made the biggest French instrumental hit Stalactite with Les Aiglons. They made an Ep with Golf Drouot story , a cover of stand and deliver (a small hit by the snobs), and count down as well as two tracks penned by their lead guitar Jean Pierre Massiéra.

They would further record some tracks under a third name the Frenchmen like La mamma, Et pourtant the Charles Aznavour hits, America, …Then came 1965 and the Merseybeat had taken over the French musical scene, it was no longer the time of the instrumental bands…


Discographie (CD)

  1. Instrumental sixties vol 3 (Magic Records 176282)
    Vol du bourdon / Tu dis n’importe quoi / Nous on est dans le vent / Chevauchée du diable / Golf Drouot story / Flirt avec le vent / Psychose / Tout plus un sourire / Suzie.
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